Bumbuna Phase II

Joule Africa has an agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone to start work on the development of Phase II of the existing Bumbuna Hydroelectric Plant (BHP). The project will significantly raise access to electricity at a national scale with the second phase expected to increase the power capacity of BHP by 500% from 50MW to 252MW.Sierra Leone currently has 80 MW of installed power capacity, equivalent to 22 kWh of energy per capita, amongst the lowest in the world. This figure represents enough energy for each person to power a single 100W light bulb for 9.2 days per year, as detailed in the Africa section of our website.As part of the preparatory work for Bumbuna Phase II, a comprehensive environmental and social impact study has been carried out and is now being overseen by global consultancy firm Environmental Resources Management. These recommendations will help ensure that Joule Africa meets or exceeds World Bank standards for responsible and sustainable development.International hydro engineering firm, Lahmeyer International, has carried out the feasibility and design work in conjunction with local firms leading to the release of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) tender in November 2013.