About Us


Corporate Overview

Joule Africa is a developer-owner-operator of sustainable power projects across Africa with offices in London, Freetown, Yaounde and Port Louis, actively supported by its main institutional investor,                Blue International Holdings Limited.

Joule Africa is currently developing renewable energy assets in Sierra Leone and Cameroon, whilst simultaneously seeking to assist with the development of further projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Joule Africa puts sustainable development and transparency at the heart of its business practice. The company works closely with all of its stakeholders to create infrastructure assets that will generate long-term value. The organisation is dedicated to working closely with host Governments to help deliver projects that complement existing plans for social and economic development.

Through the development and operation of sustainable energy assets, Joule Africa is committed to significantly increasing access to energy for the nations in which it is needed most, a fundamental factor in any country’s ability to develop.

Our Approach

Energy is an essential requirement for the continued growth of any economy. However, in sub-Saharan Africa, 70% of the population has no access to electricity. Joule Africa is dedicated to combatting this barrier to economic advancement by developing key energy assets in under-served African regions.

Joule Africa recognises that long-term success will only be possible if all stakeholders benefit; as such, sustainable development and transparency for the benefit of all of our stakeholders are at the heart of our business practice. We believe that positive social development, environmental stewardship and close consultation with local communities should sit at the forefront of any development.

We believe that positive investment in local communities and a sensitive approach to the environment are the best way to ensure a positive, long-term return for every stakeholder in the project.

Positive Social Impact

Joule Africa is committed to ensuring that any plans for social development are carried out in conjunction with local organisations with proven expertise. These strategic partnerships help achieve needs-based responses to pertinent social issues with the maximum level of impact.

Joule Africa is committed to realising positive social change alongside the communities in and around which it works.

Joule Africa is also dedicated to stimulating local economic growth by hiring local labour and purchasing local materials wherever possible.

Open Communication

Transparency and open consultation are at the forefront of all of our engagement with the community, as well as our government partners, observed through strict adherence to IFC Performance Standards. This includes, but is not limited to: regular consultation with community leaders, facilitation of focus groups at both village and district level; and support for local cultural activities.

Joule Africa is committed to ensuring that the communities with which we work gain a sense of informed involvement in the development process.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship is essential to the long-term sustainability of any major infrastructure development.

Environmental & Social Impact Assessments are conducted for all projects in accordance with both the World Bank Operational Policies and the IFC Performance Standards based upon the Equator Principles. These international standards are at the core of Joule Africa's stewardship policy, aiming to not just meet, but to exceed them wherever possible.

Our Values

The following values help guide our behaviours and the way we work:

HONEST - We work honestly and openly, to build the foundations for long-term, trusting relationships where people and businesses can flourish.

FAIR - Our approach is based on fairness and ensures that we make decisions and take actions which are for the mutual benefit of all those affected by our business – customers, staff, government, partners, local communities, the natural environment and investors.

COLLABORATIVE - We value an environment that builds on people’s strengths and creates a strong sense of teamwork. This applies to both our own people and to those with whom we engage and partner.

DETERMINED - We value getting things done, well and in the right way. We are resilient, relentless and creative, continually striving to find a way forward.

RESPONSIBLE - We work responsibly for a positive impact on the communities and natural environment affected by our business and are committed to ensuring the safety and health of our people.


Board of Directors

Andrew Cavaghan


Andrew is an Executive Director of Blue International Holdings, Joule Africa's largest institutional investor. Andrew was CEO of Joule Africa from 2011 to 2016 and then Executive Chairman and sits on the board of a number of companies within the Joule Africa group, including the Seli Hydropower board for Joule Africa's flagship project, Bumbuna II. 

Blue International Holdings is an active investor in Joule Africa, assisting it with a range of commercial and corporate finance matters, and more recently is actively seeking to expand its interests in the resoures and sustainable property sectors by making investments outside the Joule Africa group.

Previously, Andrew was a Director at the UK based private equity firm Octopus Investments. He was part of the original investment team whose performance helped increase funds under management from £20m to over £800m in 2009 when he left (funds under management are now over £8bn). During his time at Octopus, Andrew was responsible for numerous middle market buy-outs, realising an IRR of over 26% over 5 years with four successful trade sales and two IPOs. Earlier, Andrew was part of the founding team at London Seed Capital, an early stage venture capital fund owned by OneLondon/Greater London Enterprise. Andrew spent an early part of his career working at corporate law firm Theodore Goddard (now Addleshaw Goddard) in the corporate finance department of their London office. 

He holds a BA Hons in Philosophy from University College London, and is a qualified Barrister in the UK.

Kevin Clark


Kevin is a non-executive director on the board and acts as a consultant to Joule Africa on various of its projects. Kevin was co-founder and CEO of Joule Management, a partner organisation to Joule Africa, where he oversees all aspects of the firm's hydroelectric plants in Latin America.

Prior to this, Kevin was a General Partner at Integrity Partners, where he has played leading roles in the firm’s investments since 2000. Prior to joining Integrity Partners, Kevin co-founded Silicon Edge Law Group, an intellectual property law firm. Earlier, Kevin worked as an engineer and patent attorney for Qualcomm.

Kevin holds a B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California, and a J.D. from Stanford Law School where he graduated Order of the Coif.

Mark Green


Mark is an Executive Director of Blue International Holdings, Joule Africa’s largest institutional investor.  Mark was President and then Chairman of Joule Africa between 2011 and 2019 and sits on the board of a number of companies within the Joule Africa group, including the Seli Hydropower board and the Katsina ala Hydropower board. 

Blue International Holdings is an active investor in Joule Africa, assisting it with a range of commercial and corporate finance matters, and more recently is actively seeking to expand its interests in the resources and sustainable property sectors by making investments outside the Joule Africa group.

Prior to co-founding Desert Lion Partners, Mark worked as COO for a new microfinance organisation in Sierra Leone, on behalf of a London based asset management company. 

Prior to working in Sierra Leone, Mark co-founded a property investment and development company operating in the UK and USA with over $20m of development completed. Previously, Mark worked in the strategy team at Accenture and as the Head of International Business Development for retail financial services conglomerate CPP PLC.

Mark holds a BA Hons in Theology from Birmingham University.

Greg Newman


Greg is a non-executive director on the board and is also a co-founder of Joule Management which has hydroelectric plants in Latin America.

In 1999 Greg co-founded Integrity Partners, a seed stage venture capital firm, where he is currently a General Partner. Integrity Partners was the first investor in Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) where Greg served on the Board of Directors until taking the company public in 2005. Prior to Integrity Partners, Greg was part of the founding team at C2B Technologies, subsequently acquired by Inktomi and later Yahoo! Previously, he was on the founding team at Macromedia, subsequently acquired by Adobe.

Greg has over twenty years of executive leadership experience creating shareholder value at Fortune 500 companies including Oracle and Apple. He currently serves as a director for several charitable organisations.

David Edward


David spent most of his working career as an underwriter in the Lloyd’s insurance market. He was a founding partner and director of Ascot Underwriting Limited, a company that was taken from start-up in 2001 to a very successful sale to AIG in 2008.

David is now involved in numerous start-up companies in non-executive directorship and advisory roles, assisting these companies during their development.

In addition David brings experience and expertise in risk assessment and management as well as providing advice on Joule’s insurance arrangements.