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Seli Hydropower conducts Bumbuna II Public Consultation

Local project management company Seli Hydropower, along with the Government of Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Energy and Sierra Leone’s Environment Protection Agency (SL-EPA), have consulted formally with affected communities and interested stakeholders on the environmental and social aspects of the Bumbuna II project.  The public meetings took place between 23 - 30 January 2018 in five locations: Kamathor, Magburaka, Kondembaia and Kabala, near the project in north east Sierra Leone, and also in Freetown.

The Seli Hydropower team presented to over 1000 people during these sessions and listened to and responded to their comments and concerns. Statements, questions and answers were recorded and added to the Bumbuna II ESHIA which was then resubmitted to SL-EPA. 

Commenting on this, Herb Gammons, Seli Hydropower’s General Manager, said:

“We have been and will continue to consult with affected communities and interested stakeholders on an ongoing basis as regards our resettlement, community development and environmental plans. Our team is now focused on working with the communities to ensure that we secure the best possible solution in terms of the first phase of the resettlement action plan.”  

The Public Consultation is an important step in enabling Seli Hydropower to secure the relevant Environmental Licence for the Bumbuna II project.


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