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Joule Africa sponsors 2018 Africa Energy Forum

As one of the few African power developers attending this year’s Africa Energy Forum, the Joule Africa team has made the most of the event. In addition to sponsoring the Forum, Joule hosted a session which discussed its thinking and approach towards managing environmental, social and human rights aspects of an African energy project, with specific reference to its own hydropower project in Sierra Leone, Bumbuna II.

Mark Goldsmith, Joule Africa’s E&S Director, commented: “As well as ensuring that we comply with IFC’s Performance Standards, our strategy is to collaborate with leading industry specialists to ensure we achieve long-term, sustainable solutions which provide a net gain to the local communities and environment.”

Paul Kunert, Joule Africa’s CEO, added: “The timing of the Forum has been very helpful. As we continue to raise financing for Bumbuna II, this has been an excellent opportunity to continue conversations with lenders and investors.”