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Cameroon: British diplomat lauds progress in Cameroon's business climate -

Outgoing British High Commissioner to Cameroon, Bharat Suresh Joshi, has lauded strides in improving the hitherto hostile business climate in Cameroon. The British diplomat said when he just arrived in Cameroon; everybody was telling him that it was hard to do business here in the country. "Contrary, we have realised that each of our investors has augmented his/her market shares. For example, we have enterprises involved in several sectors of the economy; energy, hydrocarbons, service etc and who are doing good businesses in Cameroon," he said

The strides notwithstanding, much still needs to be done but Bharat Suresh Joshi said Cameroon's situation is not peculiar. "It is true that it is not easy but when I talk with investors all over in the world, I see that it is never easy to do business. I don't have the impression that Cameroon is more difficult than other countries," he observed.

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