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Commonwealth Office MP speaks of Joule Africa ‘success story’

At a recent Business Council for Africa (BCA) event, Mark Simmonds MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Commonwealth Office, spoke glowingly of Joule Africa’s efforts in a speech delivered to selected British business representatives with an interest in Africa.

Mr Simmonds had been invited to talk about the Government’s support of British business in Africa and its overall view on prosperity and potential in the region for 2013 and beyond. Speaking of the Sub-Sahara as an area ‘brimming with opportunities’ but also facing ‘significant challenges’, Mr Simmonds highlighted the Government’s current agenda for encouraging British businesses to invest in the region.

Mr Simmonds concluded with examples of a select number of projects that he described as ‘success stories’; foremost amongst them was Joule Africa’s project development agreement with the Government of the Republic of Cameroon to develop a major new national hydroelectric project located on the Katsina Ala River in the Northwest Region of the country.